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Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a viable branch of Internet marketing; SEM involves the promotion of websites, which increases their visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs) via advertising and site optimization.There are four methods that are utilized to achieve website optimization via SEM. They are as follows.

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Website Saturation and Popularity
This defines how visible a website is on various search engines. This may be quantified via Saturation (the number of pages indexed) and Popularity (the number of backlinks the site has).
Analyze Your Objectives, Goals and Marketing Strategies
Your marketing objectives are your brand’s clear-cut, defined goals.
Beyond this, you can look at your marketing objectives as a way to provide clear direction for your team members to follow. By implementing a straightforward marketing plan, your company will have the goals it wants to achieve and the execution plan to meet those marketing objectives.
Site Tools
The latest tools are required to measure the many different facets concerning the popularity of links and saturation.
Whois Tools
Since information is relatively easy to acquire in this digital age, site owners need to be aware of trademark and copyright issues. The ignorance of such issues may lead to long-term problems that could harm your brand.