Increase Visibility through Social Media Marketing

Social media has become a veritable science that has served to help businesses glean a great deal of awareness, and revenue via the online sphere. Social Media Marketing (SMM) is the art of drawing in as many fans, and interacting with them via various social mediums.

While Facebook alone has over a billion profiles, there are many other social mediums that have made their stake. If you’re a business owner, it is prudent for you to carve out your own niche within this online social marketplace.

The image depicts the social media platforms handled by PWS team based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada - platforms such as Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

What we can do for you…

We have an in-house team of Social Media Marketers who are very passionate about social media. Unlike traditional marketing and advertising, this is a sphere that is constantly changing.


We plan, design, and strategize your brand’s path in the social media sphere. This involves: assessing what tone of voice that needs to be used.

After the strategy has been set in motion, we create visual content that may be utilized in the social mediums that are chosen. These need to be interactive and engaging.

We will also come up with promotional ideas that will help your brand be seen in a positive light online. Certain event days, like Mother’s Day, may be used for such ideas.

It is also important to manage the online community that are your fans. Speedy replies need to be offered for any drastic complaints, while positive comments need to be acknowledged.

We will also harness the power of social media reporting by tapping in various tools to gauge your brand’s performance.